Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hate to say it!!!

Well, I am so sorry to say I did not get the bags completed for the girls to take with them on their cruise and I am so sad that I let them down. I know it was not all my fault since I have been asking for over a month for her to pick colors and fabrics. She finally did a week and a half ago and I was working on the stuff for my classes at the store. So I was not able to make them right off the bat. Now I am feeling like a faliure over it. I wish I had just not ever volunteered to do the project. I will make every effort to get them complete this week while they are gone and they can have them for a gift on their return.
well, I do hope you all have had a good day, I had a as good a day as you can with every thing going on. I had a great class on learning to free motion quilting. Every one of the ladies had a good time and were glad they came so that always makes me happy. Then I had a good visit with a friend tonight who has had a rough time of it lately. Just went through a break up and she is pretty down about it. We had a good visit and sat outside and played with the kittens in her back yard. I as always feel in love with the kittens and wanted to bring them home with me. I guess if I had my way I would be the cat lady. LOL
Have a quilting week and take care of yourselves.


Anonymous said...

Hey with all the things you are trying to keep up with it is not surprising that some things just dont make it to your time frame. There will be other times, and next time the girls may manage to give you more time by choosing things earlier.
Great to hear about your successful classes.

Jackie said...

Don't be too hard on yourself for not getting the bags completed. We can't do it all!

Tennye said...

I have to say the girls learned something about time constraints when dealing with mom's schedule.