Saturday, August 15, 2009

Odd Week

Hello, I have been so busy this week, and still not gotten as much done as I wanted to. I have completed a new gifty idea and I will have a quilt done in a few hours. I am very close to complete, and I will then move on to the bags for the girls who are off to a cruise at the end of the month. I am so looking forward to my son-in-law coming to Texas at the end of the month too. I will be making a few trips to San Antonio to see him and I hope to bring him home for at least one weekend during the month he is in the state. I think I have a few things I need to post pictures from too so I will check it out before I complete this post. I promised them bags for being tourists. LOL Last week my daughter came in the sewing room and picked all the fabrics she thought would make the bags for all five of the girls. I will have a busy week with classes and sewing. I sure am glad my mom is out of the hospital and feeling better.
Maybe no photos today. Have a great quilting day tomorrow.


Micki said...

I have been to San Antonio and love the city, Have a safe trip!

Tennye said...

Thanks I look forward to it.