Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Items I am making

I have made some new items for the craft fair I have gotten accepted to. I have a meeting next Sun. and I have to show them the things I have to sell. I have made several new things that I created. I do love some of them although the idea for them is not all mine. I created the patterns for the ones I have made. I am feeling the pressure of getting them all made, but having so much fun.
Then there it the pressure of making the five bags for my girls and their friends to use on their cruise this weekend. They leave on Wed. night and drive to Miami to get to the ship. Aften and Brena and Justin that is the others are all flying to Florida. Anyway I have told them all I will make them tourist bags to use while they are on their trip. I have them all cut out and I have one started. I am sure they will go together quickly and with any luck I can make two or three of each. So I can put them in the fair. I planned to make them anyway so it will be good.
Aften has one of those new phones and she has set it up for me through my Google account so I can see where they are on the road. The phone has satellite GPS and it will make me feel better to be able to see where they are while they are on the road. I want one of those "COOL"(haha) phones but I can't justify the cost.Oh well, it is nice that the kids have them so I can be in touch.
Well, have a good week, I am sure I will.

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Micki said...

You've been a busy lady. I hope to see pics of some of them.