Monday, March 17, 2008

New Quilt Project

Well, I have been commissioned to make several quilts from the clothing of a man who died. His wife wants to use them to surprise her children with gifts of memory quilts made of Dad's clothes. I have started the process by sorting the clothes I have in my possession . I will start with the easy ones. I will make the jeans quilts that will be made of the jeans and dockers. I hope to make two of those, but it will depend on how many pairs she gives me. Then I will make a t-shirt quilt with the t-shirts. I will use the button up shirts to make a pieced quilt. I have already looked at several patterns for that in hopes of showing them to her next time I see her. This is an exciting project and hopefully will bring healing for her, by allowing her to start to move on. Well, on with the day and the progress that needs to be made. Hope you will join me again tomorrow or the next time i write.

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