Saturday, January 31, 2015

January of another Year

  Here it is the last day of January and I have not posted anything this year, and truthfully not that much last year. I am going to try and make a better showing this year. I am still figuring out the whole photo up load thing. I hardly ever use my camera for pictures now that I have a phone with a great camera on it. My daughter got us a terabyte drive and a device to use to wireless up load when I take pictures. It s great , but I don't understand how to use it and she isn't very patient. LOL
This is the most recent picture I can seem to get to. I made my grand daughters some slouchy hats last year and I was getting ready to send them off when the cat decided she should see how warm they were.
  Well, I have joined more mini quilt swaps since I last posted and today I received my mini for the #schnitzelandboo swap. I love it, and hope I can post a picture soon as well as a picture of the one I sent out.
Okay, this is enough for today I am off to watch a class or two on Crafsty for paper piecing.
Until next time yall have a very quilty week,

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