Saturday, January 31, 2015

Happy New Year

  Well, it is another new year, and I am looking forward to some new experiences and new quilt projects. I hope all of you will get excited too. I am still working on the photo issues, but I have to admit I have not taken much time to figure it out. Therefore I have just not posted. It seems the posts with photos are much more popular.
  I have gotten involved with some great quilters on Instagram and been in a few swaps so far. I have three that are due in Jan. and April. I love it because it keeps me in the sewing room. I have also joined a group committed to sewing our stash in 2015. I can't think of a better idea than that, and have been trying to do it for several years now. I think it will be easier with some accountability. I have a plan and even got a start on it New years eve. Not a great thing to have to admit, but I got started working on a rag quilt my girls started four or five years ago. I worked on it for 4 hours and had to un do almost everything I did. I forgot it had to be planned a little more than just to sew it together.I have laid it out and redid the first 2 rows. I get started on the things I have signed up for and it gets put aside. I will do one or two at a time until it is finished and then I will move on to the next project. I want to complete at least 12 projects that are in process this year. That will barely make a dent in my WIP's, but it will make me feel better. If I can accomplish that this year then maybe next year I will be able to do the same or better.
  Well, I actually started this post a couple of weeks before the last one I posted, so I think I will go ahead and put this one up too. Yall have a very quilty week and I'll be back soon.

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