Thursday, November 13, 2014

Just another Week

  Well, I have been busy , but today is my day to do laundry, so I have not been in the sewing room. I finished up my Instigram mini for the swap Tue. afternoon. Then had class with my little girl I teach on Wed. I don't usually get much time in the sewing room on class days. I got out a pattern for the next little quilt I am going to make. I still have a few things to make for my partner in the IG swap, and I have started on the Christmas Stocking swap, but still am not sure what I will make for the stocking. I need to get the 2 swaps completed, but I also have a wedding on Sun. I need to get the gift completed and I really want to get my grand daughter her birthday gift. I have to believe I won't be able to finish something on time. Sadly it will be the grand daughters birthday.
  My partner for the IG swap has a thing for mermaids, so that is what I made for her. Now just to figure out what other fun things I can make for her, I did some fabric purchases for the last swap, but really can't afford to do that this time, so make gifties will have to do, I hope she won't mind. I will post pictures after she gets it in Dec.
  For the Stocking swap my partner really likes snowmen, so for her I have bought and started making snowmen. I asked my daughter to do an embroidery for her and I will frame it, she is starting that next week. I have several ideas that I have never made before, but that is what these swaps are for in my case. I chose to make and do things that stretch me for the swaps. I have done several pieces of applique for the last 2 swaps, and now I am on to other things. I signed up for a class doing paper piecing, on Craftsy. So my next swap I will likely make a paper pieced mini. I'm excited about it, and a little nervous as well.
   My daughter and I have set up a pogo plug with a terabyte external hard drive I had, that was not in use. I have done my back ups and now I just have to learn how to get pictures off it when I want to post them on here. I have to admit since my phone camera is always with me I hardly ever get the camera out and use it. I think that may be a mistake, but for now its what happens. Until the learning curve is past I won't be adding photos to my posts. Lets hope the curve won't be too long. LOL
  Well, gotta go for now, until next time yall have a very quilty week. Tennye

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