Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Busy Times

  Well, hello there everyone, I hope this cold winter has not gotten you down too badly. My sweet hubby has really had a hard time with this winter for some reason. I think it is because he is usually so busy and this year things have been very slow for him. I am looking forward to some sun that is for sure, but I'm not having as hard a time as he is. 
  Lunch time on Friday mother was here and she put her cane against the wall, while we ate. I went to the table to sit down and for no apparent reason the cane fell, and landed on my toes. It hurt a lot, but after about a half hour I had kind of forgotten how bad it hurt. Then on Mon. afternoon I looked at my feet for some reason and boom, there was a royal blue toe. I am serious it was blue, and maybe it was because it was cold I looked at it. Since Mon. I have not been able to keep my feet warm, and that toe is the worst, I don't think it's broken, but the bruising must have something to do with the coldness of it.
  I started my Rainbow min for the swap I am in this week and I am loving how it looks, I am still not terribly comfortable with paper piecing, but getting better. I have several items planned for extras on this one too. I need to bind the Kitty mini, and get some extras made for it. I have several things in mind for this as well. I have to get as much done every day as possible because I am going to see my grandchildren at the end of the month. Hubby is going to see his sister and dad for her birthday. He will drive me to Tennessee and my daughter will pick me up and take me the rest of the way to her home. He will go on to Pennsylvania. Then after he spends four or five days with them he will come to our daughters house for four or five days, then we will head home. I love these trips, but I seem to struggle with getting back into the swing of things after we get home. Like last year I started the year off great with working out and eating right. Then went to be with Brena when the new baby was born. By the time I got home all thought of being healthy and fit had just drifted to the back of my mind. My start to fitness has been much slower this year, but is going on never the less, so I have to be hyper vigilant to stay moving while I am gone as well as get back to normal as soon as possible after we get home. The weather is often a factor, we go see her in the spring and its cooler in TN than in Texas. So by time we get home its getting too hot to work out, outside like I do in the winter. This winter has been too cold for out doors, so maybe it won't be as hard this year. LOL
  Well, I should be in the sewing room, so I am off to make another block in the rainbow mini, and maybe cut out the next one. Gotta go pick mothers car up from the tire place as soon as hubby gets back. She got a screw in her tire and they had to replace it instead of repair it. Any way yall have a very quilty week and I'll try to get back soon.

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