Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Things Have Been Happening.

   Hello, sorry I was not able to get back as quick as I planned. I have lots of pictures to show. We had a bad wind storm this week, with sustained high winds of 30 or more mph, with gusts of 50 Mph. We were lucky here, but my mom a few blocks away was not so lucky. Her mobile home is well over forty years old, and the roof, of her porch blew off. Well, part of it at least, the center section, right over the front door.
  We found that section in the back yard. Initially we just went over and got mother and brought her home with us. Later at dusk, my girls went over and picked up some clothes and her meds. We made her stay here over night. Hubby was busy most of the day and didn't get over to her house until late afternoon, to clean up the porch and make it safe for mother to get in and out of her house. She went home then and we feel like she is safe. The wind is still
   blowing, but not as hard and the gusts are down around 20mph and less. They say we may get more of the same kind of weather next week. I really would hate to see that, but we will face it if is happens. The insurance people noticed that the news has said nothing about our wind, but talked a lot about the blizzard in the panhandle. Ironically most of the damage they are getting calls about is from the wind. When they showed the storm on radar, it really looked like a hurricane only on land not ocean.
   We have been praying about getting mother a new house, I guess we got our answer. So much stuff has happened since we lost daddy. The water heater went out, the heater went out, and now this. Hubby and a friend have done some work on the roof to make sure it won't leak if it rains. The place is old and falling apart, what happens next. Lots to pray about for sure.
   Well, one of my faithful followers asked me about the quilt. I am not sure which one she is asking about, but I have posted a little of the progress of my granddaughters birthday gift. I will begin quilting it as soon as I find the backing. I feel pretty bad it is now almost March, and she still does not have it. I have a larger quilt all ready to piece for her daddy too. I won't start that though until hers is quilted and in the mail. I want to go see them soon, and had plans for that trip will have to be changed.
 We are having an extended family reunion at the end of April. That is exactly the weekend I planned to go see them. I will have to make plans for another weekend.

Until the next time, I hope yall will have a very quilty week.

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