Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Quick Update

Thank you for your prayers, and your well wishes. My mom is home from the hospital and doing well enough. She had a CT scan today and they found that she is no longer bleeding in the brain, however she does still have some swelling. I am pretty sure she is still having the headaches because of that. She is to see a Cardiologist in the next week and then she is to have an office visit with a Neurologist. She tried to make an appointment for that today and the number she got was not working, so we will try again tomorrow. The bruises are so much less than I had thought they would be, I am very happy for that. She is looking pretty good. She does find a sore spot once in a while, she didn't have before and I guess she will for another day or two.

I have some exciting news to share though. I got a call on Fri. and I will be hand quilting a quilt for a lady to use as a  gift at her relatives wedding. This is a quilt top that was made by her mother or grandmother. It is a double wedding ring pattern ,done in thirties fabrics. I am probably only a day from completing my class that I am writing on quilt as you go. That will be a relief to get done and off to the head of the website where it will be offered.I will post photos of the quilt soon.
Have a quilty week


creativedawn said...

That is great news for your Mom...continued good wishes and prayers for her complete recovery. God bless you both!


Micki said...

So glad to hear the news about your mom...a speedy recovery!