Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Life does interfere

Well, my mom called yesterday and asked me if I would like to go to the half price book store with her. We usually find a good supply of books and she gets me a new quilt book once in a while so I said sure. Well, when we got there she got out of the car and I did too. I looked down at the remote to lick her car and I heard a thud. It was my mother as she hit the ground. She was not conscious when I got to her. She has had an inter cranial hematoma, and the hospital the ,ems took her to does not have a trama unit therefore not neurologist on call. So they moved her the a hospital in Austin. The CT scan this morning showed it is dissolving and the neurologist said they were through with her, but the Family practice Dr. said he would feel better if she stayed in the hospital another day of two. She is still having a very bad headache, but seems good other wise. I am just exhausted and want to sew and work, but can't concentrate. Guess I will go to the hospital and sit with her instead.
Have a quilting week.


Marilyn said...

Tennye, prayers and thoughts to you and your Mum. Sewing and work will always wait, but you wont always have the opportunity to sit with your Mum. Just take care of her and yourself.

Marilyn said...

Tennye, how is your mother now? Hope she has recovered and is home again.

Carol said...

That has got to have been quite a scare for you. Hope your mom is recovering well.