Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Post Birthday Comments

Well, I had a birthday last week and I am in a Birthday block exchange with my friends on line. I am getting beautiful squares in the mail from all over the world. I have about half of them now and I will begin posting photos of them in a day or two. I have not gotten a chance to take the photos yet. One of the ladies gave me a wonderful little wall hanging with a cute embroidery on it that says "I am a material girl" I will put that in the pictures too. I also had the most wonderful gift from God in my back yard. My amaryllis are in full bloom and they are gorgeous to see out my back window everyday. I have taken pictures I will share. My daughter who went away to college and then got married and her hubby came home for the evening. We all went out for drinks at the local Applebee's. It also happens to be the place my hubby and I go every week for date night. My other two girls who live at home were there with us. My mother and my best friend and her mom all took me out to lunch. We had a lovely lunch and the food was great. The next day my other daughter who is married and lives out of state and her family all called me to wish me a happy birthday. Then on the weekend my son came to spend some time with us and to go to a car show. I also lost my job, so it was a very eventful week and weekend. On the one hand my source of income is gone, but my son and his sister and I all put our heads together and came up with a business opportunity that I would like to do. I don't currently have the money, to do it however I am looking into finding financing. I will go further into this if I can find the financing.
I won't be so long getting back on this week. I have a quilt almost completed, that I will post photos of when I get it completed. Then hopefully I will have another project completed to show you, before Thurs. Time will tell.

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