Saturday, April 11, 2009


Well, tomorrow is Easter and my little girl is home with her hubby. They have not gotten to come together for a long time, he works on the weekends and she works during the week. It is a good time to spend with family as we remember the resurrection of our Lord. The blue bonnets are blooming it is odd how no matter what month Easter is in the Blue Bonnets know it is time to bloom. They decorate our lovely state with blue on the hills and the highways. You see families with their little girls and boys all dressed up out sitting in the Blue Bonnets taking pictures. I have done the same thing myself and my girls tell everyone about the experience. They always tell how I would put them in the ant bed with their eyes in the sun and then make them smile so I could get a great picture. I hate to admit it but I did just that.
Some day I want to make a quilt with the blue bonnets on the hills and the beautiful wild flowers that grow with them. I have let the idea of a landscape quilt intimidate my, but I am not going to always be intimidated by it. I have taken a few classes recently and I think I can do it now. When I do I will post the pictures for you to see.
Have a wonderful Easter.

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