Thursday, April 23, 2009

A New Day

Just for fun I have added one of the blocks I was teaching in my block of the month. I hope you like it.
Well, I had a meeting with my boss today and we discussed my job and the fact that I will not be working in the store any longer. I will be teaching though as I have in the past only she has decided to add some other teachers not be cause I have not done a good job, but because the other teachers have promised to bring with them loyal customers who have been in their classes before at other stores. My teaching has been mostly at the church and on line so I did not have the following for her when I came and I am lost as to how to build up that kind of following. I do have a wonderful reputation with teaching children how to sew. That is what I will be doing for now. I will also have classes teaching adults to sew , but they will not be on the schedule they will be one on one and as needed. I look forward to those kinds of classes, because the ones taking them are also working on something they want to do. They often find after one or two classes that they are able to do it on their own and I just gave them the confidence to try. I enjoy that almost as much as I enjoy teaching children and quilting. I do love to teach quilting. That is my real desire but I will do what I can until the opportunity arises for me to do what I want. Along that line I want to promise that I will try very hard to figure out how to write out the method of binding I do and how to make mitered corners for those who may still be taking my beginning quilting class from earlier in the blog. I have the pictures taken of the quilt I finished last night but still have not gotten them on the computer. I will try to do that tomorrow. Then I will get back to work on the black and white quilt which I have added red to. I am excited about it and hope to have it finished by the end of the weekend. I of course will make pictures and share them when I get them on the computer as well. I guess that is gonna be all for today have a wonderful evening of quilting.

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I like it. Very different.