Monday, June 23, 2008

Lesson Three

Well, sorry for the delay and for there not being any full fabric requirements. I have not made a plan. I have had some personal problems that have taken my mind too far off what I needed to be doing. Then we had a family reunion over the weekend and last weekend for Father's day we did a Birthday party for my new son-in-law in the town they live in. It has made my life crazy and the classes out of sink with what I meant for them to be. I will make an attempt to work harder with the writing so I will be ahead of us.
So lets talk more about fabrics and colors. What kind of color selections do you make and do you have trouble with color? Always feel free to ask for help most fabric ans quilt stores have someone who is willing to help you pick the fabrics. Once you have a basic color scheme you want to start with they will be able to help you find either matching or contrasting fabrics to help you make your chosen color come out and shine.
Lets say you really like a floral fabric with pink roses on a cream back ground with lovely green stems and leaves. You take it to the fabric store and you find a nice soft pink , two soft shades of green, and a lovely cream, with a bright dark pink. Now you have six fabrics for your wonderful quilt and you can now start to cut the design knowing the focus fabric which is the floral fabric will be highlighted by the lovely fabrics you have chosen for your quilt. Think outside your box and look at colors you don't normally use or like. Pick colors that you think are ugly sometimes and be surprised when they turn out to be the one color that makes your quilt beautiful.
I am working harder for you I promise. Have a good week and we will look forward to lesson four. I am also working on the Block of the month so watch for that as well.

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