Monday, June 9, 2008

Learn to Quilt-Lesson Two

Welcome to Lesson Two
Today we learn more about using the rotary cutter and mat and next week we will start with the fabric requirements and cutting squares for the quilt.
When cutting with a rotary cutter you always must use a mat or you will damage the table you are cutting on. There is a discussion about cutting mats and which one is the best. I have had an Olfa mat for about 15 years and it is still in good shape. The mat has a one inch grid on it and I use a ruler that also has a grid. When cutting fabric I line it up on the mat grid and then I line up the ruler using both the gird and the ruler grid too before I cut. This will help assure the cut is straight. When you are cutting multiple layers of fabric check often that you have it lined up to make sure you don't get curved lines. When you are cutting half inch lines always make sure to use the ruler lines to line it up top and bottom of the fabric. I will try to have some photos next week with the cutting requirements for the pattern. We will leave cutting triangles and other shapes until we are using them for a block. So see you again next Mon. with the Fabric requirements.
Have a good week.

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