Sunday, March 1, 2009

What is going on!!

Hey, I have been out of commision for the last few weeks so to speak. I have seen a couple of Dr.'s and had X-rays and spent lots of money. Then I came to the conclusion that they were not making things any better and took it into my own hands. I seem to have a sprained knee and I am doing some threapy exercises to see if it will get better. Sure enough it is, but still haven't gotten on the computer.
I have done a lot of sewing and gotten a wall hanging and some gifts for my family made. I have pictures but with the new camera I have not figured it out yet. I mostly need to get it in the same room with the computer, and haven't yet. I will make every attempt to do that this week and get them posted here.
I have taken a class in blogging and learned some great things. I will be making some changes on the blog too in the near future. I work tomorrow night so it will be later in the week. I do hope all of you will have a wonderful week and come back soon to see the photos and the new stuff.

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Susan Loftin said...

Tennye - I hope your sprained knee heals up quickly.