Saturday, March 14, 2009

Quilt for a friend

I have been working on a black and white quilt for several months now and I am still working on it. I really thought it would be complete by now. I have had quilts that were trouble in the past, but this one has been the worst ever. I am making 24 squares, 12 of one kind and 12 of another. I have yet to complete the first 12. I worked on them today and I was up to the last four half square triangles. I started to put them on and realized that I had made a mistake and I had to go back a round and redo them. So instead of finishing the first 12 squares I am not there yet. I have them all redone now so I just have to put the last four on. I am down to 6 to go. Such a frustrating day. Such a day such a day. I did however complete the projects for the classes I am teaching. I will need to make two more for the next set of classes. I have students for all of the classes I am working on this month and they are all very excited about them.
Have a good evening and I hope to be back soon.

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