Monday, November 4, 2013

Google Changes and Kit Crazy

  Just a short rant, about Google and the changes they have made recently. I don't use the email associated with this blog for email other than for the blog. I do however have a gmail account I use for email. Now Google makes me connect them to each other. For what ever reason when I clicked to sign on to my blog it automatically went to my other email and I had to figure out how to log in so I could post. Frustration!!!!
  Okay I will leave it along, I just needed to vent. I have bought 2 kits this weekend and I already have another one I got for a very reasonable price. I got to looking at the latest one and I could not have bought the fabric for the quilt for the price I paid for the kit. So pattern, fabric and backing for the cost of some patterns. Color me excited.  I will post pictures along with progress in the next few days.
  My niece had her baby girl early on the morning of the first. They live in Pennsylvania so we have only seen pictures, but she is a beauty. I know her mommy and big brother and sister are excited that she is here. I bought a lovely breast cancer awareness fleece that is white with the pink ribbons. I will embroider her name and birth info then either use a satin blanket binding or just use the serger and finish the edges. The fabric is so pretty, and I know it isn't baby fabric, but the pink is the color her room is decorated in. Maybe they won't think it is a bad choice.
  Update on the 3 UFO challenge, I have the wall hanging almost completely quilted, and I'm working on the hand quilting as often as I feel the urge. As soon as the wall hanging is finished I will get right on to the baby quilt. I am so excited about these 3 getting finished. Well, until next time yall have a very quilty week.

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