Saturday, October 26, 2013

Woo Hoo Great week

 Well, finally things are starting to look like normal again after, what, a year now. Then getting sick two weeks ago didn't help. LOL The end of this week though things in my head started feeling better and along with them I got some motivation to get moving and get sewing.
  I am happy to say I layered my grand daughters wall hanging so it is ready for some time at the machine. Then I got the quilt out that I am hand quilting and I have put a couple of hours into it already. The weather has been nice out side, but that means it is kind of hot in the house. The A/C won't come on and why turn it on if we really don't need it. However that makes it hot enough that getting under a quilt is not as appealing as it would be if it was cooler. The weather man keeps promising us cool fronts, but so far they have not given us cold, just cool.
  I have been out for a while, so let me tell you I had a wonderful time in Chattanooga in Sept. We played hard and we enjoyed our grandchildren. We got to go to a soccer game and just plain hang out with them
 At the Aquarium, there is a tropical butterfly enclosure on the top floor of one building.
It was so cool when one landed on my son in laws shirt.

Hubby and granddaughter had funn playing in the shark cage. 

We got to see three families of penguins with babies. The daddy's had been taken out for the day to get some exercise and food. They were going crazy trying to get back to their babies. 
  I have some great pictures of the creatures we saw and of other things we did, but the site isn't letting me add them the way I want to. So until next time yall have a very quilty week.

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