Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

Well, I have been watching the game and enjoying it as well as looking at the blogs of many of the new friends I have on line. I have much to learn about blogging and I am enjoying the lessons I am taking with Chris. I have been so busy I have not gotten to read all of the lessons yet. I will try to get one of the lessons read tonight and them maybe tomorrow I will have some time to post some photos of the stuff I have been so busy working on. I have been making quilted bags and not quilts right now. I do need to make one as a sample for the next class I am teaching in March. I have discovered that if I have time to make samples more people sign up for classes. I have known that would be the way things would go if I could just get ahead enough to make the samples. However my boss has a bad habit of giving me a class two weeks before it is going to happen and then I am in the middle of another project so I don't get the sample made and no one signs up for the class. I am loving the three fabric challenge I am working on too. I had no idea I could ever make a art quilt and it is exciting to try one that is a challenge. Three fabrics is hard.
Well, I have to go for tonight so I will like I said try to get some photos on the computer so I can post them. I have just gotten a new camera so I am still learning it. Have a blessed day!!!

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Janet Hartje said...

I love your flower in your header at the top of your blog! Janet