Saturday, October 25, 2008

Been Sick

Well, I am still not adding to the lessons and I am truly sorry for those who are working on the quilt. I have the pictures on the computer and I will be adding them in a short time, but I have been sick and my boss has been out of town and one of the girls I work with has also been sick. Therefore I have not had time or felt like doing any thing extra for the blog this week. I do apologize and I will get back to it very soon. I have to work tomorrow, even though I hate to work on Sundays. The boss will be back in a few days and my co-worker has said she would like to start to come back in at least 3 or 4 hours this week. We will do what ever we can to help her get back to work and not have a relapse.
I will look forward to getting back to you all next week. I completed a block of the month today and I made a cute quilted Kleenex holder today. I have made lots of coffee sleeves that I have no idea where I will sell them. I am having fun making them though. Talk to all of you soon.

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