Friday, August 15, 2008

Lesson Five

Welcome back to lesson five I have photos to share with you this time around. In the last lesson we discussed cutting strips two inches wide out of our fat quarters. This is what mine looked like after I got them cut and using a quarter inch seam allowance sewed them together.
The next step to take is to measure the size of the three strips and see how wide they are. Usually they will be six inches wide.
The next step will be to cut the squares out of your strip sets. Cut them the same size as they measure across. This will make them square and will make the beginnings of your quilt. I sometimes stack them in a staggered manner so they will stay smooth and not be crocked when you cut them. It is hard to see in the photo,
but I did add these photos anyway.
The next step will be to figure out what pattern you want out of
your squares. I usually do the traditional rail fence, however, you
can do what you want to it is your quilt. I look forward to seeing you next time to add the boarders. See the options I have tried below.
Tennye ;)

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